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Self portrait

This is a self portrait I created for an art psychotherapy exhibition (‘In Between Us’, Goldsmiths University of London, 2019). The blue area on the left of the doll represents my introverted sensitive side and the red side on the right represents my extroverted social side. In the between is the grey area which I am currently unsure what it holds. This is my ongoing journey and source of inspiration.

This art work is created using recycled materials found from the streets and the doll is found from a second hand store.


All My Broken Hearts (2016-2017)

All My Broken Hearts is a collection of all of the major broken hearts I have had in this life. Each heart on the statues is created based on my emotional memory of how I felt at the time of the heart break. On the side of each sculpture there is a short story attached of how my heart got broken.

The collection consists of 7 mixed media sculptures, mainly made of recycled materials, such as broken jewellery, children's toys, fabric, paper, balloons, and general waste.


Emotional Shadow (2015-2016)

This is my graduate project in college (Wimbledon College of Arts). Briefly, the character is a person who has died because of the weight of his suppressed emotions. After death these emotions have surfaced on top of his skin in the shapes and sizes as they have been felt inside. He is meant to appear to people who are not paying attention to their emotional needs and warn them of the future that beholds them.
The costume is mostly made of recycled materials, only few items are bought. The costume is build on a metal wire frame over the right shoulder which is attached to a corset underneath the jumper. After attaching all the different forms on the surface (egg cartons, straws, filled tights, expanding foam, fabric pouches filled with plastic bag pieces) I gave the costume strokes of paint to make it more gloomy. Approximate weight of the costume is 7kilos


Projects (2014-2015)

Project #1

This costume belongs to a pregnant bride, a character from the play "Death and the Kings horseman" by Wole Soyinka. The play is based on events that actually happened in Nigeria during British colonial rule. There is a misunderstanding, a collision of cultures between the British and Yoruba tribe. In the play, as an outcome the whole Yoruba belief system gets disrupted. The community is thrown off balance, and they fear what the future might bring.
My costume represents this clash and the fears of unknown in shapes, colour and cultural elements of Yoruba. The main costume is traditional Yoruba bridal costume. In the trail there are pray sashes for specific Gods, a general mess to represent chaos and two babies.
I decided that the bride would be pregnant with twins, since Yoruba tribe has high dizygotic twinning rate, and there is an interesting belief related to twins. The second one to born is considered to be the eldest. It is believed, that the second born sends the first born to check if the world is good enough to be born in, and if he/she cries, it is a sign for the second one that everything is in order. That is why there is one baby at the hip, and one at the end of the trail, checking what is the state of the world.
The costume is 95% made of recycled materials, such as stockings, bra straps, plastic bags, curtains, sheets, clothes, fruit nets, bubble wrap, belts, newspaper, scarfs, woollen string, ties, pillow cases, zippers, swimming cap and scrap fabric. It weights a little over 15kg, so a lot of materials used!

Project #2

This is a sculpture presenting a very loud voice.
It is made of paper, plaster cast, cardboard and a mask.


The Lonely Hand (2013)

This was a quick project of mine when I tried to figure out where I could use all the pair-less leather gloves I had found from the streets. The rest of the materials used in this headdress are also made of recycled materials. The base is made of parts of leather jacket and a leather jacket belt to allow size alterations for different head circumferences. Other than that all the decorations have been made out of rest of the leather jacket, some seashells, pearls and then finally the leather gloves. The headdress is fairly heavy, but stays on place as long as there is energy to wear it.
Leather glove hat
Leather glove hat
Leather glove hat


Portfolio (2012)

In this portfolio I wanted to show a variety of skills I had at the time in ideas and technique. The costumes were solely made for the portfolio, they did not have any other purpose than that. They are created from recycled materials including bubble wrap, bottle caps, light bulbs, shirts, many pairs of pink corduroy trousers (including my own which I miss), leather jacket, curtains, sheets, tea bag envelopes, metal wire rims from hubcaps, fishnet and sea shells.

It took me exactly 100 days to finish the portfolio which was a fun fact to realise when all was done.
Burnt Bride
Burnt Bride design
Fishnet Dress - Back
Fishnet Dress Design
Fishnet Dress Front
Masquerade Twins
Masquerade Twins Design
Light Bulb
Light Bulb Design
Teabag Pants
Teabag Pants Design
SMALLPink Pirate
Pink Pirate Design

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