About Me

My name is Meri Lahti, and I am a sustainable artist currently based in London.
Although my background is in theatre and costume design, I have lately been
working on costume sculptures through my art project Costumotions.
Mental health and emotions have influenced my work for the past few years,
to the point where I am now running mindfulness-based art workshops called
emotiknots(more to come).

I am continuing my art practice alongside my current msc health and wellbeing studies, ultimately looking forward to develop and run more art workshops to raise emotional and mental health awareness. I am open for collaboration so please do get in touch! In my work i try to use as much recycled materials as possible using left over materials from other artists and picking up the weekly garbage from my neighbouring areas. It is important to me that if i cannot sell my art it can be recycled after it is not used anymore.

  Bromley, London, UK
  +44(0)77 809 404 83
  contact at merilahti dot com